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Help for posting at Forum

I don't understand the format of the Forum.

On the forum homepage, you will see a list of all the themes. Under each theme, there will be a list of all the discussion topics and the latest posting date and count of the number of discussions active when there are postings.

Click on a discussion topic to see all the messages and the replies. To start your own topic in this theme, click on 'Start a topic in this forum' hyperlink.

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What is a theme?

A theme is an area of discussion or a general heading that organises and groups your postings together for easier viewing. If you have any new theme suggestions, please click on 'Suggest a forum' link.

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Who can post a message?

The forum is open to members only. Any members with something to say or discuss about issues related to marine industry can post a message.

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Who can read the discussions?

The forum is open to public. Just click on the discussion topics below each theme to read the messages.

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How do I post or reply to a message?

To start you own discussion, click on 'Start a topic' hyperlink and select a theme that best fits what you have to say, give your discussion a topic and then start posting. Note that your discussion topic will appear in the forum homepage below the theme you have chosen.

When you want to reply to any posting, click on 'Reply' located at the top right hand corner of each message box. If you'd like to send a message directly to the author of the message and not the forum, please click on the author's e-mail.

When you want to start a new thread or message within the discussion topic rather than reply to any postings, click on 'Post a new message in this topic' hyperlink.

We suggest that you preview how your message will look like by clicking on 'Preview' button before submitting.

Note that the posting is real-time, that is, it goes 'live' immediately without being reviewed, we request all participants in the forum to be responsible and co-operative.

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How do I modify or delete my message?

You can modify your message before posting. To do this, after typing your message or your reply to a message, click on the 'Preview' button to see how your post will look like. To make changes, click on the 'Return to Editor' button. To post, click on the 'Post Now!' button.

Once your message has been posted, it cannot be edited or deleted by yourself when there is a reply to your message.

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How do I report an inappropriate or objectionable message?

If you see a message that contains inappropriate content, please contact us and include 'Report Abuse' and posting I.D. number in the comment box. We will review the message and delete it if it is deemed inapproriate or objectionable .

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