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There are 3 types of CV formats to choose from.

   Shore-based CV
For professionals who have been working ashore in the maritime industry.
   Afloat CV
For seafarers who are still at sea and prefers to concentrate on the sailing records.
   Student CV
For students and graduates who have interests in taking up appointments in the maritime industry.
Resumé Display Options

There are 3 types of resumé display format which can be selected based on different needs. The selection can be changed as required after successful registration.

This option allows your resumé details as well as your personal contact details to be displayed openly online, that is, the companies can contact you directly either by post, fax, phone or e-mail where applicable.

This option is suitable for applicants who have no convenient access to internet to check e-mail.

This option displays the details of your resumé except your personal name and contact details. However, the interested companies can still contact you directly through e-mail by responding online.

Select this option if you like to withhold your personal contact details.

This option profiles only essential data that may interest potential employers viewing your resumé. However, to see your full resumé details, he has first to contact you directly by e-mail. Once you receive his e-mail, it is then up to you to decide if you want to send him your resumé online.

This option is suitable for applicants who prefer confidentiality.