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Details of Resumé

Summary of Experience - Master of Aht, Lct, in offshore operation, etc
-Towing of jacketbarge,crane barge,etc
- Safety stdby vsl, Pipeline services, etc
- Running of Cargo
- Support vsl, Chase boat for seismic survey,etc
Job WantedAccordance with my experiences & Competency
Location PreferenceAsia - Mid East
Position InterestedMaster - Chief officer
Work Type PreferredContract
Availability25 March 2020
Expected SalaryNegotiable
Working ExperienceTotal Working Years: 20
(1) Master    from   01-2018   to   12-2019
  Samudera Energy Tangguh
 Type: Others - LCT
  GRT: 1022   
  Engine: Cummins        Rating: 1300 HP
(2) Master    from   11-2016   to   12-2017
  Pel Tunggal Ika
  Vessel: Segara Bpak
 Type: General Cargo Ship
  GRT: 4620   
  Rating: 1800 HP
 Role & Responsibility
- Ensure safety of environment,crew,cargo and ship as well.
-Oversees management of the whole ship from navigation etc
- Overall in charge of management ISM & ISPS
- Etc
(3) Master    from   06-2007   to   03-2015
  Pacific Radiance Ltd Pte
  Vessel: Crest Omega, Crest Jade,Crest Gold, etc
 Type: Support Vessel
  GRT: 492   
  Engine: Caterpillar, Yanmar, Etc        Rating: 3800 HP
 Role & Responsibility
- Ensure the safety of environment,cargo, crew and ship as well as comfort of all passengers
- Overall in charge of Navigation, management etc
(4) AHT Master    from   06-2007   to   03-2015
  Pacific Radiance Ltd Pte
  Vessel: Crest series, Etc
 Type: Support Vessel
  GRT: 672   NRT: 381
  Engine: Cat,Yanmar,etc        Model: Gear Box        Rating: 4400 HP
 Role & Responsibility
- Ensure the safety of environment,crew and the ship as well as comfort of all passangers.
- Oversees the management & communicates with corporate office.
- Overall in charge for management ISM/ISPS
- Also liaise with charterers REP-OIM/Barge Master/Superintendent in locations, Etc
(5) Master    from   2007   to   2015
  Pacific Radiance Pte Ltd
  Vessel: Crest Gold, Etc
 Type: Tug - AHT - Support vessel, Etc
  GRT: 472   
  Rating: 3800 HP
 Role & Responsibility
Overall in charge of the entire vessel and the highest authority at charge of safety of the crew-vessel-barge and cargo.
Responsible for navigation and discipline of the crew.
Professional Qualification Master AHT - Ocean Tug, Lct : since 1995 - 2016.
Master of Gen Cargo Vsl, Nov 2016 - Dec 2017
Master of LCT , on March 2018 - Nov 2019

Dangerous Cargo Endorsement IMDGcode 2016
Safety Courses BST, BRM, AFF, SSO, ARPA ,Radar Sim, GMDSS, SCRB, MEFA, MC, ECDIS, BOCT, IMDGcode,
All certs is according with STCW 2010 and valid till 2021
Education Highest Qualification attained: Master

COC class1
Merchant Marine College, Jakarta, 2015

Other Qualifications:
-MPI/ANT IV 1999
-ANT II / COC II -2010
-ANT I / COC Class I - 2015

Language Proficiency Most fluent Language: English

Other Languages:

Skills - Offshore Tow operation, Pipe line, etc
- Safety Stdby vsl, AHTs, Etc
- PSV, Support Vsl
- Gen Cargo Vsl
- Etc
Citizenship Indonesia
Residence Indonesia
Personal Details Age 55      Male       Married
Contact Info
Last Updated Thursday, March 19, 2020