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Details of Resumé

Summary of Experience As I have served onboard general cargo vessel and oil/chemical tanker vessel, I have the potential to serve onboard of those vessels as Third officer/Second Officer.
Job WantedTo become a successful and effective personnel in a well-established and renowned organization through my sound analytical knowledge, strong leadership and interpersonal communication skills as well as my capacity to work in a challenging and goal oriented environment.
Location PreferenceAny location
Position InterestedThird Officer / Second Officer
Work Type PreferredContract
Availabilityavailable after 07-05-2018
Expected Salary2000-3000 USD
Working ExperienceTotal Working Years: 2
(1) Deck Cadet    from   11-2011   to   06-2012
  Mercantile Shipping lines , Bangladesh
  Vessel: M.V. Meghna Pride
 Type: General Cargo Ship
  GRT: 30928   
(2) Deck Cadet    from   08-2012   to   02-2013
  J.S Shipping, Bangladesh
  Vessel: M.V. Adelina
 Type: General Cargo Ship
  GRT: 20965   
(3) 4th Officer    from   01-2016   to   04-2016
  Vessel: M.T. FADL-E-RABBI
 Type: Tanker - Oil & Chemical Tanker
  GRT: 5387   
(4) 3rd Officer    from   05-2016   to   07-2016
  Vessel: M.T. FADL-E-RABBI
 Type: Tanker - Oil & Chemical Tanker
  GRT: 5387   
(5) 2nd Officer    from   07-2016   to   02-2017
  Eden Line LTD.
  Vessel: M.T. FADL-E-RABBI
 Type: Tanker - Oil & Chemical Tanker
  GRT: 5387   
Professional Qualification COC-3
Department of Shipping, Bangladesh
Issued on- 06-08-2014
Dangerous Cargo Endorsement Basic oil & chemical tanker endorsement
Safety Courses 1.AFF-valid till 03-08-2019, 2.EFA-valid till 15-02-2022, 3.PSSR-valid till 15-02-2022, 4.PST-valid till 15-02-2022, 5.MFA-valid till 02-03-2019, 6.PSCRB-valid till 03-08-2019, 7.SSO-valid till 02-03-2019, 8.GMDSS-valid till 23-07-2019, 9.SAT-valid till 09-02-2020, 10.DSD-valid till 09-02-2020
Education Highest Qualification attained: Degree

Language Proficiency Most fluent Language: Bengali

Other Languages:
1. English- reading (excellent), writing (good), spoken (good)

Citizenship Bangladesh
Residence Bangladesh
Personal Details Age 28      Male       Single
Contact Info
Last Updated Tuesday, May 08, 2018