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         Enhanced Security or More Documentation? host 9 Jul 2003 18:00
         PFSO Oficial de Protecció... 5 Feb 2005 04:55

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Title:     Enhanced Security or More Documentation?
Author: host Posted on: 9 Jul 2003 18:00
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With the new International Ship and Port-facility Code (ISPS), which is aimed at improving security on ships and in ports, coming into effect soon, what is your comments on the effectiveness of such measure?

The new player will be the "Security Officer" who will be assessing potential risks on the trading routes, devise security plan to control the risks and carry out audits to ensure effective implementation.

Discussions on the best man for this job are ongoing. What do you think?

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Title:     PFSO
Author: Oficial de Protección Posted on: 5 Feb 2005 04:55
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At the beginning of the ISPS implementation, nobody knew anything about it, but along the time the experience is indicating to improve the PFSO or SSO profile. Special attentions must be put on narcotic traffic, contraband, and update terrorist techniques. Cooperation between other countries and experiences exchange is necessary to enhance measures against illicit antivities.