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 Topic     Duty of Care
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         Duty of Care Edgie 22 Sep 2005 01:23
           Re: Duty of Care winny 31 Mar 2006 15:00

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Title:     Duty of Care
Author: Edgie Posted on: 22 Sep 2005 01:23
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I shipped 3 RV's with WW through an agent, one of the three turned up with terrible damage to the side of the vehicle which it is accepted that it was damaged on board ship. The Insurance company will pay out to repair it however I purchased it undamaged and don't see why I should now accept a damaged repair vehicle, surely WW have a duty of care and should compensate me?

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Title:     Re: Duty of Care
Author: winny Posted on: 31 Mar 2006 15:00
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the carriers total;y responsible .. he owes u as the shipper duty of care