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 Topic     Life-Support At Sea
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         Life-Support At Sea MaritimeMedical 14 Jul 2012 10:29

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Title:     Life-Support At Sea
Author: MaritimeMedical Posted on: 14 Jul 2012 10:29
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In the Ship Management, all emphasis is on the hardware of the vessel. Almost forgotten by the "management", namely the the shipowners, the operators of ships etc have always complained of lack of good quality of ship officers. To promote good stream of capable man to join the shipping industry as their career, the image of Life at Sea must be promoted. Although over the years, a seafarer's life has improved, but it is yet to be recognised, to be well compensated for their contribution to the world and in some societies or cultures, they are viewed as second class. Sorry to quote in the chinese society, it is still being said, "Never marry a Sailor". Such prejudices against them are due to the makings of those who are in the maritime or marine businesses and their wellfare and wellbeing are always not being considered as the topmost importance in the operational activities of shipping. All these must be improved and changed in order that their discrimination in the ranks of any society or country could be uplifted to any rank of other professionals. Then only the people who are in the Marine Professional could be proud to declare their commitment and belonging. Dr C K Lee