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Last updated: 14 January 2013

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CABAF-Currency And Bunker Adjustment Factor
CAF-Currency Adjustment Factor
CBFS-Carbon Black Feedstock
CBFT-Cubic Feet
CBM-Cubic Metres
 -Conventional Buoy Mooring
CBR-Commodity Box Rate
CBS-Cyprus Bureau of Shipping
CBT-Clean Ballast Tank
CC-Cubic Capacity
 -Cubic Centimetres
 -Continuation Clause
CCG-Canadian Coast Guard
CCS-China Classification Society
CD-Customary Despatch
C/E-Chief Engineer
CENSA-Council of European and Japanese National Shipowners Association
CES-Coast Earth Station
CFM-Container Flow Management
CFR-Cost and Freight
CFS-Container Freight Station
CFT-Cubic Feet
CG-Centre of Gravity
CGA-Cargo's proportion of General Average
CHABE-Charterer's Agents Both Ends
CHOPT-Charterer's Option
CIF-Cost, Insurance & Freight
CIF&E-Cost, Insurance, Freight & Exchange
CIF&I-Cost, Insurance, Freight & Interest
CIFC-Cost, Insurance, Freight and Commission
CIFC&I-Cost, Insurance, Freight, Commission & Interest
CIM-Convention Internationale Concernant le Transport des Marchandises par Chemin de Fer
CIP-Carriage and Insurance Paid to
 -Calling In Port
CIQ-Customs Immigration Quarantine
CIT-Chartered Institute of Transport
CLP-Container Load Plan
CMI-Comité Maritime International
CMR-Convention Marchandise Routiers
C/N-Consignment Note
 -Cover Note
 -Credit Note
C/O-Chief Officer
 -Care Of
CLC-Civil Liability Convention of 1969
COA-Contract Of Affreightment
COACP-Contract Of Affreightment Charter Party
COB-Close Of Business
COC-Certificate Of Competency
 -Carrier Owned Container
COD-Cash On Delivery
COF-Certificate Of Fitness
COFC-Container On Flat Car
COGS-Carriage of Goods by Sea
COGSA-Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
COMBIDOC-Combined Transport Document
COP-Customs Of the Port
COT-Cargo Oil Tank
COW-Crude Oil Washing
C/P-Charter Party
CPD-Charterers Pay Dues
CPP-Clean Petroleum Products
 -Controllable Pitch Propeller
CPT-Carriage Paid To
CQD-Customary Quick Despatch
CR-China Corporation Register of Shipping
CROB-Cargo Remaining On Board
CRS-Croatian Register of Shipping
CSC-International Convention for Safe Containers
CSM-Container Slot Management
CSO-Company Security Officer
CSR-Chech and Slovak Ship's and Industrial Register
 -Continuous Service Rate
CSS-Coastal System Station
CST-Central Standard Time
CT-Conference Terms
CTL-Constructive Total Loss
CTO-Combined Transport Operator
CUFT-Cubic Feet
CVs-Consecutive Voyages
CY-Container Yard
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