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Last updated: 14 January 2013

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DA-Discharge Afloat
DAP-Days All Purposes
DAS-Docking Aid System
DB-Double Bottom
DBT-Double Bottom Tank
DC-Direct Current
D/D-Days After Date
 -Delivered At Docks
DD-Daily Discharge
 -Dry Docking
DDC-Destination Delivery Charge
DDP-Delivered Duty Paid
DDU-Delivered Duty Unpaid
DEQ-Delivered Ex Quay
DES-Delivered Ex Ship
DG-Dangerous Goods
DGN-Dangerous Goods Note
DGPS-Differential Global Positioning System
DHD-Demurrage Half Despatch
DHDATSBE-Demurrage Half Despatch on All Time Saved Both Ends
DHDWTSBE-Demurrage Half Despatch on Working Time Saved Both Ends
DIC-Delivered In Charge
DISPORT-Discharge Port
DKVN-Vietnam Register of Shipping
DLOSP-Dropping Last Outward Sea Pilot
DNV-Det Norske Veritas (Norwegian Classification Society)
DO-Diesel Oil
DOC-Document Of Compliance
DOP-Dropping Outward Pilot
DOSP-Dropping Outward Sea Pilot
DP-Dynamic Positioning
DPP-Dirty Petroleum Products
DR-Dead Reckoning
DRC-Daily Running Cost
DSC-Digital Selective Calling
DSHA-Dangerous Substance in Harbour Area (Regulations)
DT-Deep Tank
DWAT-Deadweight All Told
DWCC-Deadweight Cargo Capacity
DWCT-Deadweight Cargo Tonnage
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