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Last updated: 14 January 2013

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EASC-European Air Shippers' Council
EC-East Coast
ECDIS-Electronic Chart Display and Information System
ECS-Electronic Charting System
ECSA-East Coast South America
ECSI-Export Cargo Shipping Instructions
ECTU-European Council of Transport Users
EDH-Efficient Deck Hand
EDI-Electronic Data Interchange
EDIFACT-Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport
EDP-Early Departure Procedure
EEBD-Emergency Escape Breathing Device
EHC-Equipment Handover Charge
EHP-Effective Horse Power
EITC-European Inland Transport Council
EIU-Even If Used
ELSA-Emergency Life Saving Apparatus
EMF-Electromotive Force
ENC-Electronic Navigation Chart
EOP-End Of Passage
EOSP-End Of Sea Passage
EPIRB-Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
ER-Engine Room
ESC-European Shippers' Councils
ESD-Emergency Shut Down
ESPO-European Sea Ports Organisation
ETA-Expected Time of Arrival
ETB-Expected Time of Berthing
ETC-Expected Time of Completion
ETCD-Expected Time of Completion & Departure
ETD-Expected Time of Departure
ETR-Expected Time of Readiness
ETS-Expected Time of Sailing
EXW-Ex Works
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