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Last updated: 14 January 2013

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FA-Free Alongside
FAA-Free of All Average
FAC-Fast As Can
 -Forwarding Agent's Commission
FACCOP-Fast As Can, Custom Of Port
FAF-Fuel Adjustment Factor
FAK-Freight All Kinds
FAOP-Full Ahead On Passage
FAQ-Fair Average Quality
FAS-Free Alongside Ship
FBL-FIATA Bill of Lading
F&CC-Full And Complete Cargo
FC-Free of Capture
FCA-Free Carrier
FCL-Full Container Load
FCAR-Free of Claim for Accident Reported
FCR-Forwarder's Certificate of Receipt
FCS-Free of Capture and Seizure
FCT-Forwarder's Certificate of Transport
F&D-Freight & Demurrage
FD-Free Discharge
 -Free Despatch
 -Forced Draught
FD&D-Freight Demurrage And Defence
FDD-Freight Demurrage Deadfreight
FEFC-Far East Freight Conference
FEMAS-Federation of European Maritime Associations of Surveyors and Consultants
FERIT-Far East Regional Investigation Team
FEU-Forty-foot Equivalent Unit
FFA-Free From Alongside
 -Fire Fighting Appliances
FFI-(FIATA) Forwarding Instructions
FGA-Free of General Average
FHEX-Fridays and Holidays Excluded
FHINC-Fridays and Holidays Included
FI-Free In
FIATA-International Federation of Forwarding Agents Associations
FIB-Free Into Barge
 -Free Into Bunker
FILO-First In Last Out
 -Free In Liner Out
FILTD-Free In Liner Terms Discharge
FIO-Free In and Out
FIOLS-Free In and Out, Lashed, Secured
FIOLS&D-Free In and Out, Lashed, Secured and Dunnaged
FIOS-Free In and Out Stowed
FIOST-Free In and Out Stowed and Trimmed
FIOT-Free In and Out Trimmed
FIT-Free In Truck
 -Free In Trimmed
FIW-Free In Wagon
FLT-Fork Lift Truck
 -Full Liner Terms
FMC-Federal Maritime Commission
FO-Fuel Oil
 -Firm Offer
 -For Orders
 -Free Out
 -Free Overside
FOB-Free On Board
FOB'S-Free On Board Charges
FOC-Free On Car
 -Flag Of Convenience
FOD-Free on Damage
FONASBA-The Federation of National Associations of Shipbrokers and Agents
FOQ-Free On Quay
FOR-Free On Rail
FOS-Fuel Oil Surcharge
FOT-Free On Truck
 -Fuel Oil Tank
FOW-Free On Wharf
 -Free On Wagon
 -First Open Water
FPA-Free Of Particular Average
FPDSO-Floating Production, Drilling, Storage and Offloading
FPSO-Floating Production, Storage and Offloading
FPT-Fore Peak Tank
FROF-Fire Risk On Freight
FRP-Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic
FSO-Floating Storage & Offloading
FSU-Floating Storage Unit
FTW-Free Trade Wharf
FW-Fresh Water
FWA-Fresh Water Allowance
FWAD-Fresh Water Arrival Draught
FWDD-Fresh Water Departure Draught
FWE-Finished With Engine
FYG-For Your Guidance
FYI-For Your Information
FYT-Follow Your Telex
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