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Last updated: 14 January 2013

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GA-General Arrangement
 -General Average
GATT-General Agreement on Tariff and Trade
GL-Germanischer Lloyd (German Classification Society)
GLONASS-Global Navigation Satellite System
GMDSS-Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
GMT-Greenwich Meridian Time
GNS-German North Sea
GO-Gas Oil
GOC-General Operator Certificate
GP-General Purpose
GPS-Global Positioning System
GPU-Generator Protection Unit
GRI-General Rate Increase
GRT-Gross Registered Tonnage
GT-Greenwich Time
 -Gross Tonnage
GW-Gale Warning
 -Gross Weight
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HAT-Highest Astronomical Tide
HBF-Harmless Bulk Fertiliser
HD-Half Despatch
HDLTSBENDS-Half Despatch Lay Time Saved Both Ends
HFO-Heavy Fuel Oil
HHDW-Heavy Handy Deadweight
HHDWS-Heavy Handy Deadweight Scrap
HHW-Higher High Water
HHWI-Higher High Water Interval
HHWL-Highest High Water Level
HLA-Heavy Lift Additional
HLW-Higher Low Water
HLWI-Higher Low Water Interval
HMB-Heavy Motor Blocks
HMS-Heavy Metal Scraps
 -Her Majesty's Ships
HP-Horse Power
HR-Hellenic Register of Shipping
HSC-International Code for Safety of High Speed Craft
HSD-High Speed Diesel
HSS-Heavy Grains, Soyabeans and Sorghums
HTS-High Tensile Steel
HW-High Water
HWI-High Water Interval
HWLI-High Water Lunitidal Interval
HWM-High Water Mark
HWN-High Water Neaps
HWONT-High Water Ordinary Neap Tide
HWOST-High Water Ordinary Spring Tide
HWS-High Water Spring
HWT-High Water Time
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