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Last updated: 14 January 2013

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LASH-Lighter Aboard Ship
 -Lowest Astronomical Tide
LBP-Length Between Perpendiculars
LCL-Less than Container Load
 -Loose Container Load
LCF-Longitudinal Centre of Flotation
LDF-Light Distillate Feedstock
LDPT-Load Port
LES-Land Earth Station
LFL-Lower Flammable Limit
LHW-Low High Water
LHWI-Low High Water Interval
LIFO-Liner In Free Out
LISCR-Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry
LLA-Long Length Additional
LLW-Lower Low Water
LLWI-Lower Low Water Interval
LLWL-Lowest Low Water Level
LM-Lane Metre
LMSS-Land Mobile Satellite Service
LNG-Liquefied Natural Gas
LO-Lubricating Oil
LO/LO-Lift On/Lift Off
LOA-Length Overall
LOF-Lloyd's Open Form
LOI-Letter Of Indemnity
LOP-Line Of Position
LPG-Liquefied Petroleum Gas
LR-Lloyd's Register of Shipping
LS-Lump Sum
LSA-Life Saving Appliances
LS&D-Landing, Storage and Delivery Charge
LT-Local Time
 -Long Ton
 -Liner Terms
 -Lumber Tropical (loadline)
LTF-Lumber Tropical Fresh water (loadline)
LW-Lumber Winter (loadline)
LWL-Load Water Line
 -Low Water Level
LWNA-Lumber Winter North Atlantic load line
LWONT-Low Water Ordinary Neap Tide
LWOST-Low Water Ordinary Spring Tide
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