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Last updated: 14 January 2013

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MARPOL-International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships
MBL-Minimum Breaking Load
MCA-Maritime and Coastguard Agency
MCO-Maximum Continuous Output
MCR-Maximum Continuous Rating
MDO-Marine Diesel Oil
MEES-Middle East Emergency Surcharge
MEPC-Maritime Environment Protection Committee
MERSAR-Merchant Ship Search and Rescue manual
MES-Mobile Earth Station
MFO-Marine Fuel Oil
MGO-Marine Gas Oil
MGW-Maximum Gross Weight
MHHW-Mean Higher High Water
MHHWS-Mean Higher High Water Spring
MHLW-Mean Higher Low Water
MHW-Mean High Water
MHWI-Mean High Water Interval
MHWN-Mean High Water Neaps
MHWS-Mean High Water Springs
MLB-Mini Land Bridge
MLHW-Mean Lower High Water
MLLW-Mean Lower Low Water
MLLWS-Mean Lower Low Water Spring
MLW-Mean Low Water
MLWI-Mean Low Water lunitidal Interval
MLWN-Mean Low Water Neaps
MLWS-Mean Low Water Springs
MID-Maritime Identification Digits
MMD-Merchant Mariner's Document
MMSS-Maritime Mobile Satellite Service
MOB-Man Over Board
MODU-Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit
MOL-More Or Less
MOLCO-More Or Less Charterer's Option
MOLOO-More Or Less Owner's Option
MOT-Ministry Of Transport
M/R-Mate's Receipt
MS-Motor Ship
MSA-Marine Safety Agency
 -Merchant Shipping Act
MSB-Main Switch Board
MSC-Maritime Safety Committee
MSI-Maritime Safety Information
MSL-Mean Sea Level
M/T-Motor Tanker
MT-Motor Tanker
 -Metric Ton
MTBE-Metyl Tertiary Butyl Ether
MTC-Moment to change Trim per Centimetre
MTD-Multimodal Transport Document
MTL-Mean Tide Level
MTO-Multimodal Transport Operator
M/V-Motor Vessel
MV-Motor Vessel
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