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Last updated: 14 January 2013

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P&I-Protection And Indemnity
PANDI-Protection And Indemnity
P/CGO-Part Cargo
PCC-Pure Car Carrier
PCNT-Panama Canal Nett Tonnage
PDM-Physical Distribution Management
PDPR-Per Day Pro Rata
PEL-Permissible Exposure Limit
PER/DRF-Permissible Draught
PF-Power Factor
PFSO-Port Facility Security Officer
PG-Persian Gulf
PGF-Poincaré Gold Franc
PHPD-Per Hatch Per Day
PIC-Person In Charge
PL-Protective Location
PLTC'S-Port Liner Term Charges
PMQS-Provided Minimum Quantity Supplied
PMS-Plan Maintenance System
POB-Pilot On Board
POR-Pacific Ocean Region
PP-Picked Port(s)
 -Posted Price
PPE-Personal Protection Equipment
PPM-Parts Per Million
PPS-Precise Positioning System
PPT-Prompt Ship
PRS-Polski Rejestr Statkow (Polish Register of Shipping)
PSC-Port State Control
PSF-Pounds per Square Foot
PSI-Pounds per Square Inch
PSR-Panama Shipping Register
PT-Private Terms
PV-Pressure Vacuum (valve)
PWWD-Per Weather Working Day
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QM-Quarter Master
QS-Quarantine Station
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