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Last updated: 14 January 2013

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RCC-Rescue Coordination Centre
RCDS-Raster Chart Display System
RDC-Run Down Clause
RDF-Radio Direction Finder
REC-Spain's Special Register of Vessels of the Canary Islands
RED-Rate, Extras, Demurrage
RF-Range Finder
 -Radio Frequency
RH-Relative Humidity
 -Right Hand
RINA-Registro Italiano Navale (Italian Classification Society)
 -Royal Institute of Naval Architects
RINAV-Registro Internacional Naval SARL (Portuguese)
RLS-Royal Lifeboat Society
RMS-Root Mean Square
 -Royal Mail Service
RNR-Registrul Naval Roman (Romanian Register of Shipping)
 -Rate Not Reported
ROB-Remaining On Board
ROC-Restricted Operator Certificate
 -Reference Our Cable
RORO-Roll On/Roll Off
ROT-Reference Our Telex
ROV-Remotely Operated Vehicle
RPC-Remote Position Control
RPF-Radio Position Finding
RPM-Revolution Per Minute
RPS-Revolution Per Second
RS-Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
 -Radio Station
R/T-Revenue Ton
RT-Radio Telephone
RTW-Round The World
R/V-Round Voyage
RVP-Reid Vapour Pressure
RYC-Reference Your Cable
RYT-Reference Your Telex
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