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Last updated: 14 January 2013

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S&P-Sale & Purchase
SAFCON-Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate
SANR-Subject to Approval, No Risk
SAR-Search And Rescue
SARSAT-Search And Rescue Satellite System
SART-Search And Rescue Radar Transponder
SATCOM-Satellite Communications
SB-Safe Berth
SBM-Single Buoy Mooring
SBS-Surveyed Before Shipment
SBT-Segregated Ballast Tank
SC-Salvage Charges
 -Short Circuit
SCNT-Suez Canal Nett Tonnage
SD-Sailing Date
 -Short Delivery
 -Standard Design
 -Single Decker
SDR-Special Drawing Rights
SF-Safety Factor
 -Stowage Factor
 -Shear Force
SG-Specific Gravity
SHEX-Sundays, Holidays Excluded
SHINC-Sundays, Holidays Included
SHP-Shaft Horse Power
SIGTTO-Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators
SLA-Single Line Approach
SMC-Safety Management Certificate
SMS-Safety Management System
S/N-Shipping Note
S/O-Shipping Order
SOC-Shipper Owned Carrier
SOF-Statement Of Facts
SOFAR-Sound Fixing And Ranging
SOL-Shipowner's Liability
SOLAS-The International Convention for the Safety Of Life At Sea
SONAR-Sound Operation Navigation And Range
SOPEP-Ship and Shore Oil Pollution Emergency Plan
SP-Safe Port
SPC-Self-Polishing Copolymers
SPD-Steamer Pays Dues
SPM-Single Point Mooring
SRL-Ship Repairer's Liability
SS-Special Survey
 -Steam Ship
SSB-Single Side Band
SSHEX-Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays Excluded
SSHINC-Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays Included
SSN-Standard Shipping Note
SSO-Ship Security Officer
SSW-Summer Salt Water
ST-Short Ton
 -Standard Time
STC-Said To Contain
STCW-Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (convention)
STEL-Short Term Exposure Limit
STL-Submerged Turret Loading
SWAD-Salt Water Arrival Draught
SWASH-Small Waterplane Area Single Hull
SWATH-Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull
SWBM-Still Water Bending Moment
SWDD-Salt Water Departure Draught
SWL-Safe Working Load
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