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Last updated: 14 January 2013

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T&P-Theft & Pilferage
T&S-Touch & Stay
TBA-To Be Advised
 -To Be Agreed
 -To Be Announced
 -Tertiary Butyl Alcohol
TBN-To Be Named
 -To Be Nominated
 -Total Base Number
TBO-Time Between Overhauls
TBS-Talk Between Ships
T/C-Time Charter
TC-Time Charter
 -Till Countermanded
 -Time Closing
 -Temperature Coefficient
TCE-Time Charter Equivalent
TCP-Time Charter Party
TCT-Time Charter Trip
TD-Tween Deck
 -Temporarily Discontinued
TDC-Top Dead Centre
TDW-Total Deadweight
 -Tonnes Deadweight
TDWAT-Total Deadweight All Told
 -Tonnage Deadweight All Told
TE-Temporarily Extinguished
TEU-Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit
TF-Tropical Freshwater (loadline)
T&G-Tongued & Grooved (timber)
THC-Terminal Handling Charges
TIP-Taking Inward Pilot
TL-Total Load
 -Total Loss
TLO-Total Loss Only
TM-Technical Manual
TML-Total Moisture Load
T/O-Transfer Order
TOFC-Trailer on Flat Car
TOP-Taking Outbound Pilot
TOTOCOM-Total Commission
TOVALOP-Tanker Owners' Voluntary Agreement Concerning Liability for Oil Pollution
TPC-Tons Per Centimetre (immersion)
TPD-Tons Per Day
TPI-Tons Per Inch
TR-Ton Registered
TRND-To Be Renamed
 -Tropical Storm
TSA-Transpacific Stabilisation Agreement
TSCF-Tanker Structure Co-operative Forum
TST-Topside Tank
TT-Turbine Tanker
 -Transit Time
T/T-Telegraphic Transfer
TVP-True Vapour Pressure
TW-Typhoon Warning
TWA-Time Weighted Average
TWRA-Transpacific West-bound Rate Agreement
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