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Last updated: 14 January 2013

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UBC-Universal Bulk Carrier
UCAE-Unforeseen Circumstances Always Expected
UCT-Universal Co-ordinated Time
UFL-Upper Flammable Limit
UHF-Ultra High Frequency
UKC-UK - Continent
 -Under Keel Clearance
ULCC-Ultra Large Crude Carrier
ULCS-Ultra Large Containership
UMS-Unmanned Machinery Space
UNCTAD-United Nation's Conference On Trade And Development
USAC-United States Atlantic Coast
USC-Unless Sooner Commenced
USCG-United States Coast Guard
USEC-United States East Coast
USG-United States Gulf
USNH-United States North of Cape Hatteras
USSH-United States South of Cape Hatteras
USWC-United States West Coast
UT-Universal Time
UU-Unless Used
UUIWCTAUTC-Unless Used In Which Case Time Actually Used To Count
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VATOS-Valid At Time Of Sale
V/C-Voyage Charter
 -Vehicle Container
VDR-Voyage Data Recorder
VEC-Vapour Emission Control
VHF-Very High Frequency
VIOS-Vessel Insurance and Operations Surcharge
VLCC-Very Large Crude Carrier
VLF-Very Low Frequency
VOCC-Vessel Operating Common Carrier
VOP-Value as in Original Policy
VPD-Vessel Pays Dues
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