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Last updated: 14 January 2013

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W-Winter (loadline)
WA-With Average
WBA-When Berth Available
WBT-Water Ballast Tank
WCCON-Whether Cleared Customs Or Not
WCSA-West Coast South America
WD-Wind Direction
WECM-Warranted Existing Class Maintained
WEF-With Effect From
WFA-With Following Alterations
WI-West Indies
WIBON-Whether In Berth Or Not
WICCON-Whether In Customs Clearance Or Not
WIFPON-Whether In Free Pratique Or Not
WIG-Wing-In-Ground (effect craft)
WIPON-Whether In Port Or Not
WL-Water Line
WLOH-Within Local Office Hours
WLTOHC-Waterline To Hatch Coaming
W/M-Weight or Measurement
W&M-War & Marine
WMO-World Meteorological Organisation
WNA-Winter North Atlantic (loadline)
WOG-Without Guidance
 -Without Guarantee
WP-Weather Permitting
W/P-Without Prejudice
WPA-With Particular Average
WRIC-Wire Rods In Coils
WRO-War Risk Only
WS-World Scale
WT-Wing Tank
 -War Time
WTS-Working Time Saved
WTSBE-Working Time Saved Both Ends
WVNS-Within Vessel's Natural Segregation
WWD-Weather Working Days
WWDSHEX-Weather Working Days, Sundays and Holidays Excepted
WWR-When Where Ready
WWRCD-When Where Ready on Completion of Discharge
WWW-World Weather Watch
WX-Weather Message
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XMBT-Excluding Motor Blocks and Turnings (regarding scrap cargo)
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YAR-York Antwarp Rules
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ZST-Zone Standard Time
ZT-Zone Time
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