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Last updated: 14 January 2013

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AA-Always Afloat
AAAA-Always Afloat, Always Accessible
AAAABENDS-Always Accessible Always Accommodating Both Ends
AAOSA-Always Afloat Or Safe Aground
AAR-Against All Risks
AARA-Always Accessible or Reachable on Arrival
AB-Able Seaman
ABS-American Bureau of Shipping
AC-Alternating Current (electricity)
ACV-Air Cushion Vehicle
AD-Area Differential
ADF-Automatic Direction Finder
AFFF-Aqueous Film Forming Foam
AFRA-Average Freight Rate Assessment
AG-Arabian Gulf
AGW-Actual Gross Weight
 -All Going Well
AHTS-Anchor Handling Tug and Supply Vessel
AIS-Automatic Identification System
ALERT-Automatic Life-saving Emergency Radio Transmitter
ALRS-Admiralty List of Radio Signals
AMSL-Above Mean Sea Level
AMVER-Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System
AMWELSH-Americanised Welsh Coal Charter party
ANERA-Asia-North America Eastbound Rate Agreement
ANOP-Articles Not Otherwise Provided for
ANSI-American National Standard Institute
AO-Awaiting Orders
 -And Other
AOB-Any One Bottom
AOH-After Office Hours
AOLOC-Any One Location
AOR-Atlantic Ocean Region
AOS-Any One Steamer
AOV-Any One Vessel
AP-All Purposes
 -Additional Premium
 -Aft Perpendicular
API-American Petroleum Institute
APS-Arrival Pilot Station
APT-Aft Peak Tank
ARA-Antwerp - Rotterdam - Amsterdam
ARPA-Automatic Radar Plotting Aid
ASAP-As Soon As Possible
ASBA-The Association of Shipbrokers and Agents (USA) Incorporated, New York
ASCII-American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASD-Azimuth Stern Drive
ASPW-Any Safe Port in the World
ASTM-American Society of Testing & Materials
ATA-Actual Time of Arrival
ATD-Actual Time of Departure
ATDN-Any Time Day & Night
ATDNSHINC-Anytime Day/Night Sundays & Holidays Included
ATK-Aviation Turbine Kerosene
ATS-All Time Saved
ATSBE-All Time Saved Both Ends
ATSDO-All Time Saved Discharging Only
ATUTC-Actual Times Used To Count
AUV-Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
AVGAS-Aviation Gasoline
AVR-Automatic Voltage Regulator
AVTAG-Aviation Turbine Gasoline
AWIWL-Always Within Institute Warranty Limits
AWVNS-Always Within Vessel's Natural Segregation
AWRI-Additional War Risk Insurance
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