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abaft abandon ship abeam able seaman aboard abreast absolute humidity absolute pressure acceleration accelerometer accommodation accommodation ladder accumulator Act of God actual total loss ad valorem freight addressable adiabatic adrift advance advance freight adventure affreightment afloat Aframax aft after perpendicular aftpeak agent aggregate agribulk aground ahoy air compressor air conditioning air cooler air draught air-cushion vehicle Aldis all fast all hands all purposes laytime allision alongside alternating current alternator American Bureau of Shipping amidships ammeter ampere anchor anchor-handling anchorage anemometer angle of attack angle of list angle of loll angle of repose annealing anode anodising anti-foam agent anti-oxidant anti-wear agent antifouling apogee appendages aromatics arrastre arrived ship ASBA II asbestos ash ash modifier ashore aspect ratio asphaltenes assured astern athwart athwartship auto-ignition Automatic Identification System automation autopilot auxiliary boiler auxiliary engine auxiliary machinery average average adjuster average laytime awash aweigh awning awning deck azimuthing
back freight back haul backstay backup plate backwind balanced rudder bale capacity ballast ballast bonus ballast leg ballast tank ballast voyage ballasting Baltic Exchange Baltic Freight Index bar bar draught bareboat charter barge barnacle barometer barque barquentine barratry barrel baseline bathymetry batten bay bay plan BDMT beam beam knee beam sea beam wind bearding bearding line bearing Beaufort notation Beaufort wind scale becket bedplate bellmouth beneficial owner berth berth cargo berth terms bilge bilge bracket bilge keel bilge pump bilge strake bilge water bilge well bilged bilges bill of lading BIMCO bimetallic strip binnacle bitt bitter end bitumen black cargo blending block coefficient block stowage bluewater boat deck boatswain boatswain's chair bobstay body plan bogie boiler boiler mountings bollard bollard pull bonded warehouse Bonjean curve boom boot top bordnakke boss bossing bottom bottom end bearing bottom plating boundary layer bourdon gauge bow bow line bow rake bow thruster bowse bowsprit box rate brackish brake horsepower break bulk break bulk cargo break bulker breakwater breast hook breast line bridge bridge wing bridle brigantine Bristol fashion broach to broaching broken stowage broker brokerage brokering buckle buckler bulk cargo bulk carrier bulk oil bulker bulkhead bulkhead deck bull ring bull wire bullnose bulwark bumboat bunk bunker bunker adjustment factor bunkering bunkers buoy buoyage buoyancy Bureau Veritas burgee bursting plate butt butt weld Butterworth cover buttock by pass filter
cabin cable cable length caboose cabotage calendering calibration call sign calm calorific value calorifier camber camel can hook cancelling date cant beam cant frame cantline canvas canvas sock cap rail capacity plan cape Capesize cappuccino bunker capsize capstan captain carbon precursors cardinal points careen cargo cargo claim adjuster cargo deadweight cargo gear cargo net cargo plan cargo sweat carling carrier carter's note carving note cast off cat boat catalytic fines catamaran cathode cathodic protection catwalk caulk cavitation CBFS cell Celsius centre of buoyancy centre of flotation centre of gravity centreline centrifugal pump certificate of competency certificate of registry Cesser and lien clause Cesser clause cetane index CFR CFR liner out chafing gear chafing plate chain chain locker chain plate chain stopper chainage chalk test chandler Charley Noble chart chart datum charterer charterparty chaser chassis chemical tanker China Classification Society chinchoo chine chine bar chips chock chokepoint chronometer CIF CIP circuit breaker clampmeter clarifier classification society Clause paramount clean ballast clean on board clean products cleat clew clingage clinker-built boat clinometer clipper close quarter close-hauled closed conference cloud point coaming coaming bar coaster cock CODMAE cofferdam coffin plate coiled ship cold filter plugging point cold ironing cold work collect freight collier collision collision bulkhead colours combi-tug comfort zone commence of sea passage commins commodity box rate companion way compartment compass deviation compass error compass rose complement compression bar compressor conbulker condenser connecting rod conning Conrodson Carbon Residue consignee consignment consignor consolidation consolidator constructive total loss container containership Continuous Synopsis Record contract of affreightment controllable pitch propeller cooler copper strip corrosion corrosion inhibitor corsair Coulomb course recorder cowl coxswain CPT cradle crane crankshaft crash stop crew critical speed cross joint cross tree crosshead crow crow's feet crow's nest cuddy cunningham hole currency adjustment factor customary despatch cutout cutter cycloidal propeller cylinder