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damaged stability dangerous goods davit DDP DDU deadeye deadfreight deadlight deadrise deadship deadweight deballast decal Decca system decibel deck beam deck girder deck hand deckhead deckhouse deductible deep tank deep-sea tug demise demurrage depth DEQ deratting certificate derelict derrick derrick post DES design draught despatch Det Norske Veritas devanning devil's claw dew point DGPS dhaw diesel engine diesel index dinghy dirty ballast dirty petroleum products dirty ship disbursements discharge book dispersant displacement disponent owner distillate distress freight diurnal dockage docking plan dockmaster dog dog house doldrums dolphin donkey boiler donkeyman DOP double bottom double hull doubler douse down helm draftage draught draught marks draught survey dredger drogue drop line drop point dry bulb temperature dry dock dry saturated steam dry towing dryness fraction dual watch dumb barge Dunkerquemax dunnage duplex filters dutch bow dutchman dwell time dynamic positioning dynamic stability dynamical stability dynamo
earth fault ebb echo depth well echo sounder echo sounding economiser eddy effective horsepower electrochemical series electrode electrolyte electromotive force electroplating emulsibility emulsification emulsifier emulsion engine room engine seat ensign enthalpy EPIRB escape trunk essential service ETA evaporator even keel exhaust gas boiler explosive limits extreme breadth extreme draught EXW eye
fair fairing the lines fairlead fairwater fairway fall fantail fardage FAS fashion plate fathom fathom line fathometer faying surface FCA feeder feeder ship fender fiddles fiddley FIOST fire main fire point firm offer first mate first open water fish plate fitter Fixed Freight Agreement fixture fjord flag of convenience flag of registry flag state inspection flame screen flanking rudder flare flash point flat rack flatten aft floating dock floodable length floor flotsam fluke FOB fog bell fog horn forced draught fore fore and aft forecastle forefoot foreign going ship foremast forepeak forestay forty footer forward perpendicular founder four-stroke cycle four-stroke engine FPSO fracture frame frame spacings framing fray free air delivery free in and out free in liner out free port free pratique free surface effect free time freeboard freeing ports freight freight forwarder freight rate freight statement freighter fresh water allowance fresh water generator friction stir welding friction winch FSO fuel cell fuel valve full container load full flow filter fumigate funnel furnace fuse