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gale ballast galley galvanic series galvanometer gangway gantline gantry crane garboard strake gas master gasket gear geared ship gearless ship Gencon general arrangement plan general average general purpose rating general service pump genoa Germanischer Lloyd gimbals girder girding gob line gob plate gooseneck GPS GPS navigator GPS receiver grain capacity grapnel grating gravity tank greaser Greenwich Mean Time Greenwich meridian grommet Gross Register Tonnage ground tackle guard rails gudgeon gudgeon pin gunwale gusset plate guy gybing gypsy gyro compass gyro repeater gyropilot gyroscope
Hague-Visby Rules halyard Hamburg Rules handy billy handymax handysize harbour harbour launch harbour master hard right rudder hardening hatch hatch beam hatch coaming hatch cover hawse pipe hawser hazmat head charter head line head reach head sail headlog heat engine heat exchanger heater heave heave to heaving line heel helical gear helm helm indicator high cube high speed engine hitch hogging hold holystone hook to hook hopper hopper barge horsepower hose test hot work house bill of lading hovercraft huffler hull hydraulic starting hydrofoil hydrography hydrometer hydroscopic cargoes hydrostatic curves hygrometer hygroscopic cargo
ice breaker Ice Clause icebound idler ignition point ignition temperature IMO number impeller impingement in way of inboard Inchmaree Clause inclining experiment indicated horsepower indirect towing initial survey inland carrier Inmarsat inner bottom Institute Warranty Limits interceptor Intercoa 80 intercooler intercostal intermodal transport intrinsic safety ISM code isochronous rolling