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magnetic equator maiden voyage main deck main engine Malaccamax manhole manifest manifold manilla rope manometer margin line margin plate marine diesel oil marine gas oil marine insurance broker marine surveyor mariner marline spike martingale mast mast staves master master mariner mate mate's receipt mean draught medium speed engine meridian mess deck mess man mess room messenger metacentre metacentric height midship midship section coefficient mini-bulker mizzen mast molasses MOLOO monkey island monkey's fist monsoon moon pool mooring mother ship motor tanker motor vessel mould mould loft moulded breadth moulded depth mousing mud box mudhole multi-cat multimeter multimodal transport multipurpose ship muster
NAABSA nadir nautical mile naval architecture navel pipe Navtex neap tide negative slip negligence clause neobulk net charter Net Register Tonnage neutral axis neutral stability New Jason Clause Newcastlemax nigger head Nippon Kaiji Kyokai non-reversible laytime normalising Norman pin note of protest notice of readiness notice to mariners NVOCC
OBOs off hire official number ohm Ohm's Law ohmmeter oil mist detector oil record book oily water separator old man olefins open charter open circuit open conference opposed piston engine ordinary seaman orlop deck out of gauge outboard