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P & I Club packet pad eye painter Panama Canal boat spar Panama Canal tonnage panama lead panama plate Panamax panting panting beam panting frames pantry parallel middle body particular average pawl payload peggy pelican hook pendant pennant periodical survey permeability permissible length personal watercraft petcoke petty officer pH pier pigeon hole ladder pilferage pillar pilot pilot station pilotage pintle piston piston crown piston skirt pitch pitch ratio pitot tube pitting planform plank plank holder planking podded propulsion polarisation pollywog pontoon cover poop port port clearance port dues port hole port limit port state control portside positive displacement pump positive slip post fixture work post meridian Post Panamax potentiometer premium pressure switch preventer primer prismatic coefficient product tanker proof load propeller propeller pitch protecting agent provisions prow psychrometric chart pulpit pump pump room purifier purser purser's moon push knee push tug pusher tug
quarantine quarter deck quartermaster quickwater
radar rake ramp to ramp rating ratlines reduction gear reef point reefer reefer compressor reefing refrigeration register tonnage Registro Italiano regular lay rope relative humidity rescue boat reserve buoyancy residual fuel revenue reversible laytime rhumb rhumb line Rider clauses rider plate rigging righting lever ro-ro ship roadstead roll rose box rotodynamic pump rubbing band rudder rudder post rudder stock rudder trunk running free