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sacrificial anode safe berth safe port safe working load safety harness sagging sale and purchase broker salinity salinometer saloon salvage salvage agreement samson post SART saturated steam saveall scantling draught scantlings schooner Scotch boiler scow screw tug scud scuffing scull scullery sculling scupper scuttle sea anchor sea chest sea dog sea protest seahorses seam seaworthiness segregated ballast tank self-priming service tank Setouchmax settling tank sextant shackle shaft shaft coupling shaft generator shaft horsepower shaft tunnel shank Sharks jaw sheave sheer sheer plan sheer strake sheet sheeting shell expansion plan shell landings shell plating shim ship chandler ship husband ship manager ship's sweat ship-handling shipbreaker shipbroker shipper shipping documents shipping of green water shipwreck shipwright shipyard shoal shooter shore pass short circuit shroud side boy side kick side shell plating simplex filter single screw single skin sister ship six degrees of freedom skeg skiff skipper skylight slagging slamming slewing sling slip slipway sloop slop tank slot charter sludge sluice Smit bracket snottledog snubbing winch SOLAS solenoid solenoid valve solvent sounding pipe sounding rod spar spar buoy spar ceiling sparks special survey specific gravity specific heat specific volume spill pipe spinnaker splice sponson spontaneous ignition temperature spot spot cargo spot prompt spout spreader spring spring line spring tide sprocket spur gear squat SSW stabiliser stability stanchion standard compass starboard statement of facts static pull static stability statute mile stay steamboat ratchet steamship steel works steerage steering gear stem stem bar stem knee stemming stern stern gland stern post stern roller stern tube stevedore steward stiff ship stiffener stock anchor storm oil storm valve stowage stowage factor stowaway strain strake stress stress corrosion strike clause stringers strongback strum box stuffing box subdivision load line subrogation substituted expenses Sue and Labour clause Suez Canal Net Tonnage Suez Canal tonnage Suezmax summer draught sump super cargo supercargo superheat superheated steam superheater superintendent supernumerary superstructure surfactant surge survey swash bulkhead swash plate SWATH sway sweet wire swell
tabling tachometer tack tacking tackle taffrail tailshaft tallying tanker tanker barge tare tariff tarpaulin telegraph telemotor telescope telltale tempering tender tender ship thermal conductivity thermal efficiency thermal relay thermistor thermocouple thermostat thimble thrust block thrust shaft tidal wave tide tables tiller time charter ton tonnage tonnage deck tonne tonnes per centimetre immersion tons per inch immersion topmast topside tank topsides torsiograph torsionmeter tosher total loss tow beam tow line towage towage clause towing bridle towing plate tractor tug trade winds tramp transducer transformer transhipment transom stern transverse transverse framing trawler tribology trice trim trimaran trimming trip charter tripping bracket tripping line tripping palm tsunami tug mark tugboat tugger winch tumble home turbine turbocharger turning circle turning gear tween decker twenty footer twin screws twist lock two-stroke cycle two-stroke engine Type 'A' ship Type 'B' ship typhoon
ULCC ullage ultrasonic test under way underwriter underwriting unimodal transport up helm upper deck upper explosive limit uptake upwind