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      Tips on Better Searching:

  • Search entry is not case-sensitive.
  • When you enter parameters in any of the search options above, the search will automatically include these options. Start with one or two options and refine the search with additional options if the result returned is big. Leave blank if not required.
  • Use singular word as far as possible, e.g. enter engine instead of engines.
  • Separate mulitple keywords with spacing rather than comma; examples of keyword search are 1) to search for ABC Marine Services, enter ABC as the keyword to search rather than the entire phrase tends to improve your hit rate; 2) take diesel engine as another example, using engine as keyword may deliver better result.
  • Where the legal title of a company such as Pte Ltd, Pvt Ltd, Co Ltd, PT, Inc, Corp, etc. is uncertain, it may be better to leave it out, e.g. search using ABC Shipping Services can give better result than using ABC Shipping Services Private Limited. Note that these titles are captured in the database in abbreviated format without punctuation.
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