Maritime Industry Network

Ferries Asia Summit 2017

Date:27 Mar 2017 ~ 30 Mar 2017

Venue:Radisson Blu Hotel, Philippines


"Within Asia, ferry travel is in the limelight. The potential for driving tourism growth is immense and for archipelago nations battling with urban congestion, ferry services pose a clean, efficient alternative in everyday public transport. But given the recent high-profile ferry accidents, it is clear that Asia's maritime passenger industry has much room for development still. Today, vessel operators are hemmed in by ever-tightening safety requirements on one hand, and a sluggish economy on the other.

Amid these circumstances, what are the best ways for ferry operators to maintain healthy business margins? How can ferry owners improve operations safety, service quality and fleet reliability, while minimizing operating and capital costs? What are the industry's best-practices in cost-effective vessel and crew management, and how can they be achieved?"

Organiser:IQPC Global Innovation Pte Ltd

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Weiqi Neo Contact number: 65 67229388