Maritime Industry Network

FSRU Asia Summit

Date:20 Jun 2017 ~ 21 Jun 2017

Venue:Equarius Hotel, Singapore, Singapore


With 23 FSRUs currently operational and a further seven on order, Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRUs) have quickly become a mainstream solution for potential new LNG regasification terminals and have helped new markets import LNG to meet growing gas demands. Fourteen out of 33 LNG current import markets have floating capacity and five of these 14 have onshore capacity as well.

Indonesia remains the main FSRU market in Southeast Asia with two operational vessels although there have been talks that neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar could also make forays into the FSRU market to meet their energy demand.

Over in South Asia, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are already leading the way in FSRUs and it is understood that these countries, together with Southeast Asia, will lead the growth in LNG demand over the next few years to offset weaker demand from traditional import markets such as Japan and South Korea.

This conference is geared towards addressing some of the most important issues regarding the FSRU market in Asia, including technology, associated infrastructure, transportation and vessel availability. We will also analyze frontier FSRU markets such as Thailand, Philippines and Myanmar and emerging FSRU markets in the region.

Organiser:FPSO Network

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