Maritime Industry Network

FLNG World Congress

Date:20 Jun 2017 ~ 21 Jun 2017

Venue:Equarius Hotel, Singapore, Singapore


In 2016, low oil prices forestalled many FLNG projects. Yet with Petronas hitting successful operations, FLNG has crossed thresholds that have only been dreamed about before. Despite slow economic conditions, progress is still on the cards - and new projects are in discussion for FID. What is undeniable is that FLNG remains an exciting possibility to monetise offshore gas reserves, and the economic case against onshore facilities is still very convincing.

Today, much of the industry is re-strategising its FLNG approach to suit smaller risk appetites - but how to proceed in 2017 and 2018? How can projects be made viable in a sluggish economic market? What lessons have we learnt from FEED, construction and project management, which will enable the next era of projects to be delivered on schedule and on budget?

Join us at the FLNG World Congress, where we bring to the table senior executives from across the floating liquefaction industry including offtakers, EPCs, shipyards, financiers, legal advisors, to discuss the next steps forward in FLNG!

This year, we bring to the table a special spin: the 16th FLNG World Congress will be co-located with the 2nd Annual FSRU Asia Summit. Take advantage of the added networking possibilities and broaden your conversations during shared coffee breaks, even as you uncover the latest in floating liquefaction!

Organiser:FPSO Network

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